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CP_90_SCH Adesivo


Flacon met borstel 500 ml
Snelle, tixotrope PVC-C lijm.

Voor het verlijmen van buizen, moffen en fittingen met nauwe en ruimere passing (spleetvullend) in druk- en afvoersystemen. Goedgekeurd door Lubrizol voor Corzan® Systems. Geschikt voor diameters ≤ 250 mm. Max. 25 bar (PN 25) voor diameters ≤ 110 mm. Max. 16 bar (PN 16) voor diameters > 110 mm en ≤ 250 mm. Maximale tolerantie 0,8 mm spleetpassing / 0,2 mm perspassing. Geschikt voor o.a. leidingsystemen conform EN1566, 15877 en ISO15493 (PVC-C).

Codice Descrizione Prezzo U.M. Q.ta
3-CTT52708 COLLANTE PVC-C 500 cc con pennello NR Richiedi

CP_90_SCHCR Adesivo per PVC-C


Tin with pressure lid 1 L
Low-viscosity high chemical resistant Rigid PVC cement.
Field of application

For joining pipes, sockets and fittings with interference fit in pressure and drainage systems. Ideal for connections where a high chemical resistance is demanded, e.g. in case of highly anorganic acids such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Suitable for diameters ≤ 160 mm. Max. 12 bar (PN 12). Tolerance max. 0.5 mm diametrical clearance / max. 0.2 mm press fit. Suitable for pipe systems in accordance with e.g. EN 1329, 1453 en 1455. Also suitable for PVC-C. Indication of chemicals which require use of HRC-36: sulphuric acid: concentrations > 70%. Hydrochloric acid: concentrations > 25%. Nitric acid: concentrations > 20%. Lyes (caustic soda): concentrations > 35%. Fluoric acid: any concentration. Sodium hypochlorite: active chlorine content > 7.5%

Codice Descrizione Prezzo U.M. Q.ta
3-CTT52711 COLLANTE PVC-C 1000 cc alta resistenza chimica NR Richiedi